Children’s Ministry


We offer a fully staffed nursery for each service for infants – two (2) year old.

Toddler Church

We offer Toddler’s Church for ages two (2) – three (3) years old.

Kinder Church

We offer Kinder Church for age four (4) years old – first grade.

Children’s Church

godly play

Godly Play is the central lesson time for our children 2nd-4th grade on Sunday mornings. It is a sacred time for our children as they hear the central stories of scripture, learn the importance of the seasons of the church year, and experience the mysteries of God through listening, through wondering, and through playing. The stories are told slowly and gracefully using three dimensional props. After the story is told, the children are invited to ask questions and wonder about the story. For instance, in the story of the Good Shepherd, the children are asked questions like: I wonder who the sheep are? I wonder if the sheep have names? I wonder what the shepherd’s voice sounds like? I wonder who the shepherd is?

Following the story children are invited to do one of several things. They can participate in art, where they are encouraged to create something on their own that deals with the story, or a past story, that was told. The children are invited to play with both current and past story materials where they are encouraged to retell them to a friend. Children may also write out and imagine answers to their wondering questions, write stories and poems, or simply read.

Godly play is more than telling stories. It seeks to invite our children into those stories in deeper and more meaningful ways. It helps our children understand the language of the church, the movements of the church year, and teaches them to think about and articulate the Word of God more clearly.

These are some lessons that we have covered:

The Holy Family

The Holy Family


The Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus

The  Mystery of Easter

The Mystery of Easter

The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan



On the first Sunday of each month, our children join with all ages in the sanctuary for Pastor Scott’s children’s message and participation in Communion with the body of Christ. (It is always up to the parents discretion whether or not their child should partake in Communion.)

Cross trainingCross Training

Once per year our children get to participate in Cross Training which is a talent program that gives them an opportunity to perform their best talents in way that shares the message of Christ.  It is an exciting time for the kids.  There were lots of awards won this year by all.  Congratulations Park Lane Children!

Bible quizzing groupChildren’s Bible Quizzing

Children 1st through 6th grades are learning about God’s Word and taking it to competition!  They have many trophies and ribbons to show for the hard work.  They not only memorize scripture word for word, but can also retell the stories on their own.

Most importantly, we believe God’s Word, embedded in the hearts of our children, will result in salvation and growth in holiness for the rest of their lives.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
– Proverbs 22:6


Caravan is a scouting – or kid’s club – type program for children four (4) years old through sixth (6) grade.  Classes typically meet once a week throughout the school year.  Caravan uses an active, hands-on learning approach to help children grow physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.  Caravan focuses on teaching everyday skills with a distinctly Christian focus.

                                             Caravan Meets Each Wednesday at 7:00pm

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