Park Lane Church of the Nazarene is a 200+ member multi-generational congregation in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition with appreciation for a “Classic-Traditional Style” worship service, blending a foundation of holiness hymnody with current song and voice.

Sunday Morning Worship – 10am

Sunday Evening Worship – 6pm

Choir Practice – Sundays @ 5pm & Wednesdays @ 7pm


What are services like?

We have a choir in which individuals can join with others to express their singing talents to glorify God

We have a band in which instrumentalists can offer their musical talents to glorify God

We sing from words on a screen, but we also have hymnals available for those who like to read music

We have altars that we use when we want to pray together or when only kneeling before God will do

We read Scripture in service and seek to hear how God is speaking to us today

We give money in offering as a testimony that God is our Provider

We believe in the Preaching of the Word and that the Holy Spirit is actively communicating with our hearts during the Sermon

We share in the Sacraments of the Church, Baptism for new believers and Communion for the ongoing fellowship of the Church with Christ

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